Sell Your Products at Central Coast Commons

We are always looking for quality, locally made products to sell in our store. If you are a product manufacturer based on the Central Coast with something interesting to offer then please read on and get in touch.

What are we looking for?

We love working with local businesses and we are always willing to meet with possible suppliers and look at the products they offer. However, our store is also a carefully curated selection of goods. We work hard to maintain a balance between different types of products and to make sure that anything new will be of interest to our customers.

We can't guarantee that we will or won't stock your product but the below dot points should give you some idea about what we would normally look for from a new supplier:

  • Locally Made: We look for products that are made on the Central Coast. While we do have a very small number of products from just over the boundary in the neighbouring Hunter region, these are a very limited exception to the rule. In most cases we are looking for Central Coast products only.

  • High-Quality: This applied to both the products we sell and the businesses we deal with. We like to think of the products in our store as representing the very best of the Central Coast. Every product that we stock needs to be of good quality and made with care. We also look for quality suppliers with whom we can build a professional relationship based on trust - businesses that care about their products and their customers.

  • Different: The curated nature of our product offering requires us to keep things in balance. We are always careful not to overstock one particular type of product or to take on lots of suppliers offering the same thing. If you can offer something a bit different that will help us to grow our product range then we will certainly be interested. If the product you are offering is very similar to something we already have in stock then we are less likely to add it to our product range.

  • Reasonable Price: We are a business so we do need to be able to make money on the products we sell. If we are interested in your products, we will ask you to provide your products to us at a wholesale price which is lower than what you charge at markets, online, etc (this is standard industry practice). We don't have fixed rates that we 'demand' but do ask for some flexibility on your part - we want to be able to offer products at a good price to our customers.

  • Practical: It is important to understand that we are not a craft/art store. With the limited exception of some artworks we hang in our empty wall space, we tend to steer away from items that are purely decorative. Instead, we focus on items that have some kind of practical use. For example, we currently have a supplier who does macrame - while we do sell their candle hangers and plant hangers, we are less likely to be interested in their decorative wall tapestries. 

What can we offer you?

At Central Coast Commons, we try our best to build true partnerships rather than just buying your products. We want you to succeed in business and we will do what we can to make that happen. If you think your products can meet our needs, here is how we will try to meet yours:

  • Premanent Sales Location: Many of our suppliers sell only online or at local markets which are often infrequent. Our store is open five days per week and can provide your customers with an avenue to get hold of your products instantly and on a more reliable basis.

  • Reasonable Price: Firstly, we do not charge a fee to stock your products and there is no requirement to purchase shelf space. We are in the business of working with you - not driving down the price of your product so low that you can't make a profit. If our required price doesn't work for you, or your price doesn't work for us then we can discuss it to try and make it work. 

  • Consignment to Wholesale: Over time, we work towards a wholesale arrangement with our suppliers. With that said, this can be an expensive proposition for us. Typically we will begin on a consignment arrangement while we try out your products in store, before transitioning to a wholesale arrangement to help with your business cash flow.

  • Emphasis on Your Brand: One of the underlying principles of Central Coast Commons is about bringing many local businesses together. We are not interested in claiming your products as our own. Instead, we want to promote the fact that you are an independant, locally based business - this means pushing your brand along side our own. At present, all of our suppliers recieve an in store info panel to tell the story of their business and products. We also regularly do social media posts on our suppliers and their products.

We are always happy to chat about your business and ours. If you are interested in working with us, unsure about anything or would like to have a casual chat about working together then please get in touch - we would love to hear from you - info@centralcoastcommons.com.au