Custom Soaps and Wedding Favours

Looking to promote your brand or give your wedding guests a little something to remember your special day? Why not do something different and give the gift of our soaps with a custom label designed according to your needs.

Our custom soap offering

Our soap making options can be fully customised for one off purchases - this includes corporate giveaways, thank you presents and wedding favours.

Custom Labels

The simplest option we have is to custom label our soaps. This means taking our standard range of soaps and applying a new label, custom printed to your specifications (i.e. with you logo, personal message, etc).


Depending on existing stock levels, small custom label orders (around 20 bars) can often be delivered within a week as the soaps come out of the stock we currently have on hand. Larger orders require us to manufacture the soap specifically for your order. This can take up to five weeks due to the necessary curing time (4 weeks).

Custom Soaps and Labels

We can also custom make soaps to your specifications. This means choosing colours, designs, scents, sizes, etc - ideal for those looking to match their soap order with a specific wedding or corporate colour scheme. This is a more elaborate option than simply custom labelling your soap. We will ask you for your ideal specifications and work with you to tailor a customised soap that meets your needs.

All custom soap orders are made specifically for you and will therefore take a minimum of five-six weeks due to the necessary curing time (4 weeks).

Soap Shapes and Sizes

Our custom label soaps use our existing soap range which comes in two sizes. Our Naturals Series is a 95g rectangular bar while our Art Series is a slightly larger 110g square bar.

Custom made soaps can also be produced in a variety of other sizes including half size mini bars, long bars and a variety of novelty shapes. Depending on your needs and budget, we will happily talk you through the different variations on offer.

Quotes for custom soaps are tailored to the requirements of each order. If you are interested in purchasing custom made soaps for your business, wedding, party, etc then please get in touch by emailing us at