About Us

Central Coast Commons opened in February 2021 as the brainchild of local residents and soap aficionados Tom and Hema Urban.

While investigating their plans to open a soap making business, Tom and Hema were amazed to discover just how many great products were made on the NSW Central Coast. They were even more surprised to learn that many of these products were difficult to find or could not be purchased locally at all!

Tom and Hema made the decision to alter their plans and decided instead to create a business that would be both a manufacturer and a retailer. Central Coast Commons was born as a place where they could make and sell their own high quality, small batch soaps AND  offer a curated collection of locally made goods.

Central Coast Commons is all about supporting local business and showcasing the best that the region has to offer... and great soap!

All About Our Soaps

At Central Coast Commons, we specialise in small-batch, hand-made soaps that are produced using the cold process method. 


All of our soap making is done on site right before your eyes. We don't just quickly whip up our soaps for sale - it is a true labour of love. After our soaps are poured, they take about 48 hours to set and at least four weeks to cure before we can inspect them for quality and put them up for sale. 


Our base soap recipe is simple and all natural. Our olive oil and coconut oil blend is easy on the skin, 100% vegan and gives a thorough but gentle clean. 

Our Natural Range of soaps are great for those with sensitive skin or anybody who doesn't like unusual additives. All of our natural bars contain nothing artificial meaning no colours and no chemically produced scents. Whatever is on the label is exactly what is in the soap. If there is any doubt, check the ingredients list on the back of each bar, ask one of our  soap makers or watch the soap get made in store.

Our Art Series Range of soaps are a little more weird and wacky with all manner of scents, colours, patterns and designs. All of our art series additives are of the highest quality and have been tested, certified and produced for use in skin based products such as soaps. We like to think of each series as a work of art, which is why it is assigned a one off title inspired by the mix of artistic patterns unique to each batch. 

If you have any questions about our soaps then please do not hesitate to get in touch!