Local Providore and Soap Workshop 


Build-A-Soap is back for the July 2021 School Holidays!!!




Central Coast Commons opened in February 2021 as the brainchild of local residents and soap aficionados Tom and Hema Urban.

While investigating their plans to open a soap making business, Tom and Hema were amazed to discover just how many great products were made on the NSW Central Coast. They were even more surprised to learn that many of these products were difficult to find or could not be purchased locally at all!

Tom and Hema made the decision to alter their plans and decided instead to create a business that would be both a manufacturer and a retailer. Central Coast Commons was born as a place where they could make and sell their own high quality, small batch soaps AND  offer a curated collection of locally made goods.

Central Coast Commons is all about supporting local business and showcasing the best that the region has to offer... and great soap!



Central Coast Commons offers an extensive, curated collection of high-quality locally sourced goods from more than a dozen local suppliers. Everything from candles to creams, nougat to necklaces can be found in store.

Our entire product range is sourced exclusively from local businesses - more than 90% of which are based on the NSW Central Coast, with the remainder coming from the nearby Hunter Valley or Newcastle.

Some of our suppliers are large, some are small; some work out of factories, some work out of home; some are old hands, some are start-up entrepreneurs - the most important thing for us is that they make a great product right here in our local region. 


If you are a visitor shopping for a keepsake or a resident looking to support local business, you will find the best that our region has to offer at Central Coast Commons Local Providore.




Our soap making experiences can be booked online, in store or via email.

To book your experience online - CLICK HERE.

We are flexible with our booking arrangements. If have any questions about group bookings or wish to book a time that is not currently offered in our online system, please contact us at info@centralcoastcommons.com.au OR on 0492 932 452.

Come into our soap making workshop and try your hand at this ancient art. Under the supervision of one of our soap makers, you can take control - smell, colour, mix, design and pour - it is all in your hands!

Classic Experience - $65 Per Batch


A quick and easy a way to try your hand at soap making. Offers great value for for a beginner experience.












You get to choose your scent and two colours to use in the creation of your own swirl based design. It is up to you to mix, colour, infuse and pour.

At the end of the session you will leave with a take home disposable mould full of your soap (500+ grams - makes about 6 bars) along with instructions for cutting and curing your soap at home before use.

Our classic experience takes up to 60 minutes to mix and pour the soap, followed by a 30 minute wait for the mixture to harden in the mould. During this time, guests may browse our local providore or go for a coffee at one of several local cafes.


Ultimate Experience - $130 Per Batch


The best way to try your hand at creating an original, high-quality batch of soap - great for gifts or home use.

Craft your ultimate dream batch of soap - whatever scent, colour combination, additive, pattern - we will do what we can to assist and make it happen!

Pour your soap in one of our professional moulds (1+ kg - makes 10 bars) and leave it with us in store to set. We will cut your soap cleanly using our professional cutter and label it with a name of your choice. You can pick up your soap a few days later or have it shipped to any Australian address for free.

Our ultimate experience takes up to 90 minutes to design, mix and pour the soap. The cut and labelled soap is available for pickup or shipping within a week along with instructions to finish the curing process at home.



COST: Our 'classic' and 'ultimate' soap making experiences are charged by the batch, not per person. For example: a couple who want to want to work together to create a single batch of soap as part of our ultimate experience will only pay a single fee of $130. If they want to make a batch each, it will be $260. For an optimal experience we recommend a maximum of 2-3 people per batch.

GROUP SIZE: We can host up to five people per booking and a maximum of five batches per booking (one batch each per person). Larger classes and group bookings can be arranged outside of our standard store hours and are charged per person. If you wish to enquire about classes for groups larger than five pax, please email us at info@centralcoastcommons.com.au or use the enquiries form in the 'Visit Us' section of our website. 

CHILDREN: Soap making requires the use of 'lye', a hazardous chemical. For this reason, all children must be accompanied by an adult. Participation for children under the age of 13 is also limited. They are welcome to help design the soap by assisting in the choice of colours, scents and patterns but may not engage in the mixing and pouring part of the experience. However, they are welcome to watch the soap being made through our protective viewing screens.



At Central Coast Commons, we specialise in small-batch, hand-made soaps that are produced using the cold process method. 


All of our soap making is done on site right before your eyes. Our daily production is undertaken as a demonstration by our resident soap makers who will talk you through the process, answer all of your soap making questions and share a variety of soap making techniques.

You may also see some of our soaps on display around the store while they cure. We don't just quickly whip up our soaps for sale - it is a true labour of love. After our soaps are poured, they take about 48 hours to set and at least four weeks to cure before we can inspect them for quality and put them up for sale. 


Our base soap recipe is simple and all natural. Our olive oil and coconut oil blend is easy on the skin, 100% vegan and gives a thorough but gentle clean. 

Our Natural Range


Each natural range bar is individually poured and is made with all natural ingredients.


We start with our base recipe using olive oil and coconut oil before adding only the highest quality natural ingredients and essential oils. These soaps contain nothing artificial meaning no colours and no chemically produced scents. Whatever is on the label is exactly what is in the soap. If there is any doubt, check the ingredients list on the back of each bar, ask one of our  soap makers or watch the soap get made in store.


Our Art Series Range 


Each art series bar is block poured before being sliced and features a mix of exotic scents, colours and patterns.

We start with our base recipe using olive oil and coconut oil before adding all manner of weird and wacky scents and colours. All of our art series additives are of the highest quality and have been tested, certified and produced for use in skin based products such as soaps. We like to think of each series as a work of art, which is why it is assigned a one off title inspired by the mix of artistic patterns unique to each batch.   



Do you make your own products?

Are based on the NSW Central Coast?

Would you like to work with Central Coast Commons to see your products sold through our local providore?

If the answer to these questions is 'yes' then please get in touch. We are always looking for new items to add to our already extensive collection of local goods.

Send us an email at info@centralcoastcommons.com.au along with some information about your business and products, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!